Where to Watch Football in Porto, Portugal

Where to Watch Football in Porto, Portugal

It is called “the beautiful game” by many and attracts a lot of attention. Whether you are vacationing in Porto, the Capital of Portugal or you live in the city, there are good viewing centers where you can relax and enjoy the game of football.

To get the best viewing experience, there are things to consider before choosing a viewing center. This article will provide suggestions on where to watch football in Porto.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Your eyes will not be glued to the TV screens alone. If that were the case, you could watch a football match from the comfort of your living room or hotel room. This is why you need an environment that is conducive for mixing up with people that are jovial and are fun to be with. In a good setting, you find that you are at ease which makes finding a cafe or bar with spacious rooms a plus. Places like Cafe Piolho, Cufra Grill, Restaurante My Palace, and Bonaparte will afford you this luxury.

SOUND: There are restaurants and bars in Porto where the music is relaxing. So, if you are there before the football match begins, you get to enjoy a good music selection before the match comes alive on the big screen. Casa Agricola readily comes to mind as a place that fits this description. If your preference is the elated screams of people as they celebrate a goal or a victory, then it is best for you to join the crowds on the streets during European and World Championships. On such occasions, the Town Hall of Porto set up big screens at the Subway Stations of Avenida dos Aliados and the Subway Station of Edificio Transparente.

THE VIEW: There is also the pleasure derived in taking in a beautiful view. This attracts people to come in early to restaurants and bars, which is good business as they sell more drinks and meals. A place like Cufra Grill which is opposite the beach offers a beautiful view of the ocean which comes as a plus.

PROMOTIONS: You might not have known this is possible, but this is one of the beauties of being in Porto on a football matchday. A place like Bonaparte does organize promotions on matchdays based on what outcome a football game may likely have. This helps to generate a buzz around the place.

Watching a football match in Porto can be fun as the city has restaurants, bars, and cafes that offer a relaxing atmosphere to allow you get the best football viewing experience. There is the spaciousness of the rooms to consider as well as well-placed big TV screens. Music, food, wine, and fun people to be with are not lacking at these wonderful places where you can watch a football match.

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