The Favourite Pastime in Porto

Football: The Favourite Pastime in Porto

Football is the favourite¬†pastime in Porto, ¬†Portugal. Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, is home to the internationally acclaimed FC Porto football club. Football was introduced in the country by their students who had gone to England to study in the 19th century. In the first match between Portugal and England, the former carried the day. Since that time, the game grew in popularity leading to the formation of clubs all over the country. The most popular local league is the Primeira Liga.

Football Obsession

People in Porto are so fond of football that some locals even tattoo themselves. Club logos, famous football players and coaches are among the common tattoos. People dye their hair and throng cafes to watch football especially international matches.Whenever their home team wins important games in the English leagues, the whole town is often in a celebratory mood.  Here is a video of the party after the 2016 Euro Win.

Being a national sport, football is so serious that there are magazines that entirely discuss football. An example is Dragoes published by FC Porto. On TV, right after important national news, football news is aired. More time is allocated to these news whenever it involves a win by the home team. Thereafter, international news can be aired.

Locals Playing Football

Praia de Matosinhos is a popular beach game in Porto. Every available space of sand, grass or even pavements is turned into a field. Securing beach goal posts is a coveted affair and those who are lucky to get one play for hours on end. Those who are left out use wood to build makeshift goals. Young children often turn pockets of grass into private miniature fields. Family and friends enjoy all day sharing in the joy of football. Blue and white FC Porto uniforms can be spotted dotting the landscape.

Some of the popular celebrities include Mourinho and Ronaldo. Vitor Baia is a player that holds the record for the second-most all-time appearances for Porto. Joao Pinto holds the number one spot. He had an uninterrupted career for 16 years at the club. Among the locals, if you do not know of such people, you may as well be ignorant of everything Portuguese. Other than FC Porto, two other most important clubs in Portugal are S. L. Benfica and Sportin Clube de Portugal. However, most football fanatics are divided between Benfica and Sporting.

In Porto, it is the dream of every small boy to one day join the home team and be the ‘Ronaldo’s’ of football.

Where to Watch Football in Porto, Portugal

Where to Watch Football in Porto, Portugal

It is called “the beautiful game” by many and attracts a lot of attention. Whether you are vacationing in Porto, the Capital of Portugal or you live in the city, there are good viewing centers where you can relax and enjoy the game of football.

To get the best viewing experience, there are things to consider before choosing a viewing center. This article will provide suggestions on where to watch football in Porto.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Your eyes will not be glued to the TV screens alone. If that were the case, you could watch a football match from the comfort of your living room or hotel room. This is why you need an environment that is conducive for mixing up with people that are jovial and are fun to be with. In a good setting, you find that you are at ease which makes finding a cafe or bar with spacious rooms a plus. Places like Cafe Piolho, Cufra Grill, Restaurante My Palace, and Bonaparte will afford you this luxury.

SOUND: There are restaurants and bars in Porto where the music is relaxing. So, if you are there before the football match begins, you get to enjoy a good music selection before the match comes alive on the big screen. Casa Agricola readily comes to mind as a place that fits this description. If your preference is the elated screams of people as they celebrate a goal or a victory, then it is best for you to join the crowds on the streets during European and World Championships. On such occasions, the Town Hall of Porto set up big screens at the Subway Stations of Avenida dos Aliados and the Subway Station of Edificio Transparente.

THE VIEW: There is also the pleasure derived in taking in a beautiful view. This attracts people to come in early to restaurants and bars, which is good business as they sell more drinks and meals. A place like Cufra Grill which is opposite the beach offers a beautiful view of the ocean which comes as a plus.

PROMOTIONS: You might not have known this is possible, but this is one of the beauties of being in Porto on a football matchday. A place like Bonaparte does organize promotions on matchdays based on what outcome a football game may likely have. This helps to generate a buzz around the place.

Watching a football match in Porto can be fun as the city has restaurants, bars, and cafes that offer a relaxing atmosphere to allow you get the best football viewing experience. There is the spaciousness of the rooms to consider as well as well-placed big TV screens. Music, food, wine, and fun people to be with are not lacking at these wonderful places where you can watch a football match.

You may like to know more about fine spots in Porto to stay and enjoy the beautiful game play out on the big screen. A good place to begin is here.